About Us

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    About Lloyd Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

    Lloyd Healthcare Pvt. Ltd is a pharmaceuticals company focused on the manufacturing and marketing of chronic segment pharmaceutical products. Lloyd Healthcare Pvt. Ltd is established in the year 2011,with dreams towards empowering life and well-being. It is a young,dynamic and energetic company that has a multi-skilled team of professionals,whose motto is “The height of success depends on the depth of desire”. Our business focuses on the manufacture and marketing of chronic segment pharmaceutical products,producing a wide range of quality,affordable medicines,trusted by healthcare professionals and patients.

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    Our Vision

    At Lloyd Healthcare,we believe that if we take care of the present,we inspire a better future. It’s vision towards a disease free world,a sustainable natural environment and a healthy larger community of global population.

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    Our Mission

    The statement “Promoting Quality products with affordable prices” produces as a daily reminder of the company’s continuing commitment to Healthcare Professionals and Patients.